Between the Waves and the Flames: A Lesbian Romance

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We each are made of divine masculine and feminine principles. Another misconception is that if you are holding masculine or a feminine gender, when you find the opposite gender, that will be the divine completion. Whether you are gay, straight, or bisexual has nothing to do with any of this! You will attract your twin flame when you feel internally on a spiritual level more androgynous.

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You may still feel on a human level one gender, and this is fine. However, you will feel the divine qualities of masculine energies as well as female energies within in balance inside of you when this healing has fully taken place. Why the twin flame then? Our soul is creative, and it wishes to experience aspects of itself through merging. This is why we are here. We can merge and not be in relationship because we are all one, and merging can happen through focus and consciousness There is a pleasure in having a body. Know this, and celebrate your body even if it is not always functioning the way you think it should.

Throw all the SHOULDs out the window for now, you are awakening to divine neutrality, acceptance of all as just the way it needs to be. This is a KEY to this heart opening we have discussed. You may want things to change still, but wanting is actualized by intention.

Within the Flames

You can accept the here and now, while intending. If this is triggering the mind to chatter right now, try to not sort it out in this way. Just feel what we say in the heart, in the body. There are also encodings of knowledge in these words. So we leave you with these final words to send you on your way: as you merge back with your twin flame, keep the heart surrendered, the mind honest, the will courageous, and the spirit unified. Thank you for posting this and sharing.

Copyright I believe I am in a twin flame process. When I used to meditate as I strove on my path for God consciousness I would experiences moments where I felt I was plugging into the universe, where all thought disappeared and I felt just pure energy. Before I mediated I used to ride on the subway back east so I would experience this sort of momentary bliss.

I referred to these moments calling them alpha waves. After my first date with whom I believe to be my twin flame over a year ago I have continuously multi-dimensionally experience this sort of thing with her. We are not together on the physical plane for various reasons. But, there is not a day that we are not connecting. I am writing this today because I went online to search about the merging process. This morning I, or I should say probably we experienced 22 moments in about 15 minutes of these alpha wave experiences.

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I had been married 20 years to my wife, a true soul mate, literally 12 hours apart, with me pm and her am the next morning. She passed away Aug. We had a nearly perfect marriage. The part in me that experienced the soulful marriage felt as though it was pushed out of the way as a massive merging happened with the woman I feel is my twin flame.

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This happened a little over a year ago. At first I felt it was some sort of intrusion or trespass. Now, I experience these type of mergings on a weekly basis. I no longer feel I am crazy because I have come to learn the massive wave of twin flame processes in the world today.


I have written quite a bit to come to the point of my writing. I have searched everywhere and the explanations of the traits of these mergings I never see talked about. I was wondering if you had any feedback on the character traits of merging experiences. Thank you for the information on twinflame relations. I found it to be very helpful in understand my part in the relationship, and what I need to do next. I thank you for sharing your insight, and wish you the best on your journey thru life! How do I get rid of my twin flames energy..

He's run off 4 times and now with another woman!! I honestly don't want the pain of this anymore!!

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Michael, we are always merging with all that is on higher dimensions. On the spirit planes, where your higher self exists, where you and your twin flame are one.

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You are tapping into the higher dimensions. Since you cannot be together here, focus on this being about your ability to experience oneness and enlightenment. It is not about her, because she is you. Sandy Berger, this sounds more like a soul mate, not a twin flame. The drama etc is often experienced with soul mates. Twin flame is not about lessons and pain. Just my take. Please have a session if you need more clarity.

Blessings, Ariah. Robins's first photo opportunity was a visit to Liverpool to open a new lending library, and the slogan 'Robins for Romance' was posted on London buses. Joseph McAleer has described Robins as "the recognised mistress of the punishing kiss device. During her long career as a writer, from about until her death in , Robins certainly wrote more than one hundred and sixty books.

She was dubbed by the Daily Graphic "the queen of romantic fiction". She was elected as President of the Romantic Novelists' Association in In , Robins published her autobiography, Stranger Than Fiction , summarised thus: "Apart from writing nearly two hundred novels that have brought her millions of fans throughout the world, Denise Robins led a remarkable life. Her unhappy childhood did not sour her belief in love. Here is her own story.

Some of her novels have been reedited under different titles or as Denise Robins [17]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Denise Robins. Groom online at bearalley. Novels portal. Categories : births deaths British people of Russian descent 20th-century British novelists English romantic fiction writers. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Gothic romance , Romantic novelist. Claire Lorrimer 3 Anne Eleanor Robins. Denise Robins, one of our greatest authors, knew she could sell on her name more than other authors could. She was a superstar, and she knew it. Our problem was to find a way to satisfy the superstar. Superstars weren't grateful. They wanted my name on their list.

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They tempted me with what was the biggest offer I had ever received from any literary quarter, a cheque for one thousand pounds , free, gratis, and for which I need do no work. It was merely for signing the contract! I did not go behind Charles Boon's back. I told him the facts. Unfortunately he was so annoyed by Ivor Nicholson's offer that he refused to compete and at once released me from my contract with his firm.