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Popeye's 20th Anniversary Hollywood Steps Out Made right before he died, Bing filmed this for the British Tourist Bureau, expressing his love for Great Britain, All 26 episodes. Great quality! Goulet was perfect, an earlier version of Pierce Brosnan in many ways, as "traitor" David March, double agent extraordinaire, trying his best to help win the war in WWII Europe almost singlehandedly.

He was in his prime, handsome and virile, and convincingly charming and deadly, and his romantic interest and partner in spying was the exciting French actress Christine Carrere. Foxx, Burns, Sammy, T.

Bugville Jr. Learning Adventures Collection

Orlando, L. Ball, E. Taylor and many more Ball, B. Peters, J. Walker and more. Prinze, S. Jones and more. Berle, Rickles, D. Martin, Burns, Prinze, F. Brooks, G. Foxx, L. Falana and more. Nabors, J. John, D. Ho, C. Pride and more. Andrews, J. Bench, L.

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Stevens, The Goldiggers and more. Dickinson, J. John, C. Burnett and more. Vallee, Rock Hudson. Thomas, D. Adams, Lynde, Hackett and more. Harris, Janis Paige, James Darren. Garner, P. Paige, J. Martin, N. Wood and more Sinatra and N. Como, J. London and more Betty Hutton, Jeanne Crain, Lassie. MacMurray, Bell Sisters, G. Robbins and more Shore, J. Colonna, J. Dempsey, Skylarks and others Cummings, E. Roosevelt, R. Maxwell and others Maxwell, J. Wakely, Hi Hatters and more Sinatra, P.

Lee, B. Lillie and others Shore, D. Fairbanks, C. Reiner and more, black and white, vg picture with slight grain. College Team. The original concept was for a high-quality thoughtful rotating drama series set in several prestigious professions -- doctors, attorneys, "protectors" about a Police Chief and District Attorney , and a Senator.

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It starred actors E. About a WWII pilot accused of cowardice. Private eye drama that was an attempt by both ABC and Warner Brothers to strike gold a second time after the success of 77 Sunset Strip. Despite lasting only one season, some of Bourbon Street Beat's characters lived on afterwards. Featuring the original punks of the New York Slums This great quality DVD collection contains the original seven feature films that established the Kids as big stars. These hard hitting melodramas are nothing like the later comic Bowery Boys films and retain their emotional power to this day.

Crime School - - The kids get sent to reform school. Featuring Humphrey Bogart. Angels With Dirty Faces - The kids see a gangster as a hero and follow his misdeeds while a priest attempts to set them straight. They made Me a Criminal - - The Kids are working on a farm and encounter an escaped fighter who believes he has commited murder.


Featuring John Garfield and Claude Rains. Hell's Kitchen - - The kids are back in reform school and encounter intense situations. Featuring Ronald Reagan and Margaret Lindsay. Angels Wash Their Faces - - The kids get mixed up with political corruption in the city. Featuring Ronald Reagan and Ann Sheridan. On Dress Parade - - The kids are students at a miltary school.

Have they gone straight? It aired a total of 41 episodes which are listed below. Because of the age and the source of these episodes, the quality is poor on some of them. They come from multiple sources so the quality will vary from episode to episode. Pufnstuf, Kiki Bird. As they wrestle for control of the hearts and finances of their Rhode Island neighborhood, their families and friends often pay the price.

Fionnula Flanagan and Annabeth Gish co-star. The program was adapted from William Inge's play, Bus Stop, and Inge was a script consultant for the series, which followed the lives of travelers passing through the bus station and the diner. Young Candy is a high school girl who seeks truth and meaning in life, encountering a variety of kookie characters and humorous sexual situations in the process --screen play by buck henry richard burton, marlon brando, ringo starr, walter mattheu, james colburn, john astin, john huston, sugar ray leonard, anita pallenburg.

CBS-TV - Presented without commercial interruptions, this "United Nations Special" was sponsored by the Xerox Corporation, the first of a series of Xerox specials promoting the UN. Director Joseph Mankiewicz's first work for television, the minute ABC drama was publicized as having an all-star cast which meant that names of some supporting cast members were not officially released. In Rod Serling's update of Charles Dickens, industrial tycoon Daniel Grudge has never recovered from the loss of his year-old son Marley, killed in action during Christmas Eve of The embittered Grudge has only scorn for any American involvement in international affairs.

Grudge also is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Present, and the Ghost of Christmas Future gives him a tour across a desolate landscape where he sees the ruins of a once-great civilization. Hosted by Jed Allen. Just as its name might imply, this fun, friendly show pits pairs of celebrities against each other in 'best ball' bowling matches to earn prizes for audience members. Frank Gorshin and wife vs. Greg Morris and Johnny Paradino. The Lennon Sisters-Kathy and Janet vs.

Peggy and Eydie. Ed Asner and Gail Fischer vs. John Davidson and Peggy Lennon.

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Celebrity Bowling, Disc 2. Includes: 1.

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John Davidson and Gail Fisher vs. Diane Lennon and Richard Long.

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Johnny Tilson and Sammy Shore vs. Ed Asner and Richard Long.

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Trini Lopez and Gloria Loring vs. Lee Meriwether and David Canary. Celebrity Bowling, Disc 3.