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Add to Cart. At first Nicki believes it is because he thinks she can't handle it because of her handicap, and that makes her really angry as well as hurting her feelings.

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Once she realizes that's not it, she gets a little more patient with him, but still has to work at keeping him under control. Nicki keeps rejecting Zane's proposals since she won't settle for anything but love as a reason to marry.

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She loves him, but believes that he can't love her in return. Zane's fears are overwhelming to him, and keep him from seeing the truth about his feelings for her. When he actually takes the time to face those fears, he is stunned by the realization of what he has been doing. I loved his "aha" moment, and seeing the advice he gave his friend Jeff get turned around and applied to him. Seeing him finally open his heart and show Nicki how he felt was great. I loved how the chapter ended with words of love and some of their usual banter.

The epilogue was different with it taking place so far in the future. One of the things I liked best about the book was the treatment of the heroine. I loved that her handicap was treated so realistically. She has dealt with it for a long time and has accepted it, but also has moments where it gets her down or frustrates her. I really loved her frustration as she dealt with the hassles of travel because it was so true to life.

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I understood her need to be seen as a person outside her handicap. Seeing the way that Zane dealt so easily with her challenges while still seeing her as a woman made him just about perfect in my eyes. Aug 25, Paula Legate rated it really liked it Shelves: romance-suspence.

I really enjoyed this book. I loved the way Nicki, and Zane picked on one another.

A Fool's Gold Christmas (Mills & Boon M&B) (A Fool's Gold Novel, Book 9.5) PDF Download

The banter back and forth was fun, and entertaining. The two worked together, and were close friends. Zane had a play boy reputation, and Nicki was dating someone that made excuses why he couldn't see her.

When Nicki, and Zane found out they would both be going to a office party single, they decided to go together. Zane treated it as a real date. A lot of Champaign, a few laughs, and the two felt sparks. That nigh I really enjoyed this book. That night their friendship changed from friendship to lovers. Nicki had come a long way in dealing with her disabilities. She was a very independent lady. The book described how she could drive herself, and how her house was set up, so she could get around in her wheelchair.

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The book also went on to let us know the challenges one faces when they are in a wheelchair. For instant travel, or hotel. Zane was grieving the death of his wife. He vowed he would never love again. It hurt too much to lose the one you love. He may be grieving, but it was cute to see how he was falling for Nicki. I know some fathers to be freak and want to protect, but you will have to read to see how Zane went over the top. I would have wanted to choke him.

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He did it because he loved and cared, and wanted to protect mother and baby, but still This is a fun book that you will just have to read. Apr 09, Sonali Rakesh rated it it was amazing. One of the reasons I enjoyed this book is because of the main character being handicapped. The author has written about her frustrations, anxiety, and insecurities along with her love of life and her Independant streak. The story is completely unlike any I have read before.

I enjoyed this book thoroughly.

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Jan 22, Christy Stewart rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary , reviewed , romance , disabled , scarred , wheelchair , pregnancy , disabled-heroine. I liked the characters but it is very hard to believe that people who are supposedly SO smart have no idea how babies are made View 1 comment. Silly name for a book, but it's the follow up to Shelter in a Soldier's Arms. I wonder if these books would get more attention with better covers and better names. Jan 02, Ioana rated it liked it Shelves: romance.

Aug 17, Casey Leigh rated it it was amazing.

Almost Perfect Mills & Boon M&B A Fool's Gold Novel, Book 2

Awesome Friends to Lovers love story. Love Susan Mallery's work. Jul 10, Sylvia rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-i-read-in , books-i-read-in-july , susan-mallery-book-club. I loved this book!! May 22, Courtney rated it it was amazing Shelves: settings-on-up , strong-female-character , romance.

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Can your first love ruin you for love the rest of your life? If your Zane the answer, for the last five years, has been yes. After his first wife dies in a freak accident Zane has dated nothing but fun, no commitment girls. He has his best friend Nicki for fun, serious talks and everything these one night stands are not. Nicki has her own issues that stem from her disability.