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Contact Contact Us Help. O how I fear thee, living God, With deepest, tenderest fears, And worship thee with trembling hope And penetential tears. MacArthur says that "Escaping hell starts with honoring God God must be honored. God must be feared. Let me tell you what hypocrites are like. They don't fear God, they fear men.

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And they live their lives to please men. They live their lives for the outside, which is visible and not the inside, which is invisible. Stop fearing men and start fearing God. And why should you fear God? Three reasons. Number one, God will uncover what is hidden. God will uncover what is hidden. Lk Fear the One God Alone desires our reverential fear. The mid-point of this seven years is demarcated by the abomination of desolation which Jesus described in Mt note , the event which "ignites" the last 3.


And so it should not surprise us that God would answer Habakkuk's prayer "In wrath remember mercy. And how does God " remember mercy " in the Revelation in a world on the edge of the impending, indescribable horrors of the Great Tribulation? You are probably wondering, how does this relate to " fear the One Comment : So what is the "Gospel" that is proclaimed to the whole world.

Fear God. But Jesus declared that before the end comes the whole world will hear the gospel of the kingdom Matt. The preaching of this angel will reach any who still have not heard the gospel message. As earth's darkest hour approaches, the angel will proclaim the good news that it is not too late.

There is still time to repent before God's judgment resumes He will urge them to no longer fear, reverence, and worship Satan and Antichrist, but instead to fear, reverence, and honor God by turning to His Son. Rather, it summarizes what their response should be. The specifics of the Gospel message itself are not recorded. Those who hear the angel and respond in faith are those who are found in the opening verses of the next chapter doing this very thing! Thus phobos meant flight or terror, and was connected with fear of the unknown, fear of the future, and fear of authorities.

It also took on the meaning of fear or reverence for God. Reverential awe of God is a part of the truly repentant life 2Cor. It is the substance out of which all right Christian worship, behavior, and service must come.

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His wrath is so bitter, and His love so sweet; that hence springs an earnest desire to please Him, and—because of the danger of coming short from his own weakness and temptations—a holy watchfulness and fear, 'that he might not sin against Him. Mattoon - The one with power to determine your eternal destination deserves your focus. God alone has authority over eternity. All that men can do is kill the body, but God can condemn the soul! Since He is the final Judge, and He judges for eternity, it is logical that we put the fear of God ahead of everything else.

The Bible makes it clear that those who die without Christ in their heart and faith in Him for their salvation are destined for eternity to suffer in this terrible place of torment.

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It was a foul, forbidding place where the fire, smoke, and stench never ceased. It is thus fitting that gehenna is where sin and unrepentant sinners will one day find it's "resting place". Originally, no doubt, this was a beautiful valley. But it did not remain so. It was in this valley that a high place was built.

It was subsequently called Tophet , meaning, according to some, "place of spitting out" or "abhorrence"; according to others, "place of burning. It would seem that in the top of this high place there was a deep hole in which much wood was piled, and that this wood was ignited by a stream of brimstone see Isaiah The wicked kings Ahaz and Manasseh actually made their children pass through this terrible fire as offerings to the gruesome idol Moloch 2 Chr.

Others copied their wicked example Jer Afterwards Jerusalem's rubbish was burnt here. Hence, whenever a person approached the valley, he would see those rubbish-burning flames. Joshua ; Thus the Greek word has its origin in this Hebrew expression cf. The valley itself was the site of child sacrifice during the time of King Ahab and Manasseh.

There children were sacrificed to Molech. King Josiah declared the place unclean, and later it was referred to as the place of the dead.

On Luke 22:42 etc.

The form Gaienna is found in the Septuagint of Joshua , but it is not found in secular Greek writings. Isaiah especially reflects such an understanding. Revelation ff. Mark In these cases gehenna is not a literal reference to a valley south of Jerusalem; instead it symbolizes the future judgment and punishment. MacArthur notes that "Some people say that hell just means the grave and that God has the authority to cast you into the grave. Don't fear men who can just kill you, fear God who can kill you and cast you into the grave. That's nonsense because if there is no hell, and there is no eternal torment, then God can't do anything to you that man can't do.

The judgment spoken of here involves each member of the godhead, which should cause us to consider it with the utmost care. Hypocrites will be judged by the Father Lk The smoke rose perpetually as the garbage was slowly burned.

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If you reject Jesus and His teaching about hell, you run the great risk that what He said was true. If it is true, you will be in big trouble on judgment day!. The message that night had been on the "The Horrors of Hell. As he approached the trio, he was about to ask them to please come to the Lord and confess their sins. Before he could utter a word, one of them smirked and said, "Huh, preacher, how far is it to Hell, anyway? His broken heart followed them as far as possible, hoping they would return. Others, however, did respond and a number of people were praying around the altar.

The prayer was soon interrupted by a state trooper's knock on the front door of the church. His question paralyzed the congregation. The people responded that they did and wondered aloud why he asked. The officer sadly unfolded the story. Just two and one-half miles down the road, at the big bend, their car had left the road and split in half around a large oak tree.

The people hurried to their cars. When they arrived, they found three dead bodies lying beside the road.

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It was two and one-half miles to Hell for those young men! I suppose that none of us realize how close death is to us. It stalks our every step and waits around every corner. God's word says it would be thus, "It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment" Hebrews Beloved, Hell is a very real place.

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It is not just a cuss word.