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The salad pays homage to the East Coat, which is one of the largest exporters of lobsters around the world. Donair Burger with Halifax Sauce. Late-night donairs are a Halifax tradition. The Canadian Chuck Burgers form the perfect base for this messy sandwich topped with the signature cream sauce made with condensed milk and vinegar. Request a new product. Raise your plates to a nation with taste!

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Classic Butter Tarts Butter tarts are a quintessentially Canadian dessert, and the oldest printed recipes are said to come from Ontario. Lobster Panzanella Salad Feeling gut-foundered? Close dialog. Two local women organized a dinner to facilitate a discussion on food security.

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More than 50 protesters from seniors to toddlers were involved Friday. Conservation officer service confirms two red-bellied piranhas caught in Nanaimo lake. Submissions heard Friday in impaired driving causing death of year-old Surrey grandma Dolat Jiwani. Greta Thunberg says if adults are mocking kids, they must feel threatened. Andrew Berry found guilty of second-degree murder of his two daughters.

A cold airmass is settling over B.

Interior and will persist through the weekend. Fall is the ideal time to visit the south Okanagan. Vancouver businessman Michael Adamson says he did not receive any payment from Time magazine.

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Like its Hand-Foraged Botanical Gin. So like all good investments, the reward is worth the wait. Comments are closed. Previous story Handcrafted, artisanal whisky: Truly West Coast. Smooth, crushable style with enough hop notes to keep your palate interested. Made with cucumbers, limes, and sea salt. Vibrant aromas and a tart sour finish. Pucker up this one is a tart one!

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Our Milkshake Brings all the boys to our tent! Crow's Nest Series Vintage Sour Dark Ale aged 18 months in French Oak with locally foraged blackberries. A barrel-aged Brett Bomb. An Anniversary ale to celebrate the Farmer-Ash-Potter families 7th year in business!

Our new Wild Berry sour is a kettle soured beer specifically with Lactobacillus plantarum bacteria which is pitched into unhopped wort in our kettle and left overnight to sour at a warm temperature. Once the souring is finished the wort is heated up to boiling then hops are added and the brew is finished as normal.

North American Porter style with chocolate and espresso notes with a sessionable quality with fresh blackberries added. Dry Hop India Pale Ale with a dry finish well hopped lots of flavour and freshly picked Grand Fir tips but still very sessionable. Kettle Sour brewed with Saskatchewan-grown Haskap berries, which lend a complex, unique flavour profile and aroma to this summer seasonal. Made from premium two row and lightly roasted English barley. Medal winner 3 consecutive years at the Canadian Brewing Awards.

Arnold Palmer style lager Blended with a touch of a kettle sour, orange pekoe tea, and lemon juice. Pours a hazy pale gold with aromas of american sun tea and lemon zest. The flavour is iced tea and lemonade with a pleasant dryness that will leave you wanting more. An easy drinking American wheat ale dry hopped with Mosaic Hops. Juicy citrus, tropical, and floral hop notes sit atop a light grainy malt base giving the beer a very flavourful hop punch with a light refreshing body.

Tangy, tart and aromatic haskap berry character blends with plum-like ester and clove-like phenol of the Belgian yeast. Beautiful bright pink color. Very dry, lightly tart finish with slight tannic aftertaste from haskap skin. Sour Saison aged in chardonnay barrels for six months and generously dry hopped with Mandarina Bavaria and Huell Melon. Hop aromatics of tangerine, honeydew, and overripe stone fruit, along with notes of citrus, white wine, vanilla, oak tannins, and a juicy finish with mild funk. This 5-hop Hazy Pale Ale is crisp and balanced with strong hints of lemon and a lingering citrusy-dry finish, perfect for your next trip Parkside Light gold in colour with big juicy flavours of tropical fruit, lemon rind and peach from a mix of Citra, Cashmere, Mosaic and Idaho 7 hops.

This heavily dry-hopped beauty truly is 'an IPA for the People'. Dawn pays homage to traditional German-style pilsners with a sublime balance between malt and hop, mixing old and new hop varietals to create a crisp, sessionable lager that is traditional yet adventurous. Naturally hazy, bursting with fruity notes of white grapefruit, tangerine, and tropical fruits.

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A tart, crisp, refreshing sour ale brewed with our house-malted pale barley, acidulated malt and a generous portion of wheat malt. Soured with our house Lacto culture, and finished with LA3 for a light body and quick finish.

Cellar conditioned with white grapefruit juice, lime juice and freshly squeezed Oro Blanco grapefruit, a rare citrus varietal. Belgian Wit yeast and a heavy dry hop dominate the profile of this brew. Balanced malt and minimal bitterness showcases Northwest hops and complex esters in a very drinkable package. Expect typical Belgian Wit esters and fruity, complex aromas. Using tart, red lingonberries along with lime compliments the acidity in the beer and adds a new dimension to the flavour as well as a beautiful colour. We added just enough Pink Himalayan Salt to provide a bright sparkle that makes the whole beer shine.

Using Mosaic hops in the boil and fermentation creates aromas of tropical and stone fruit. A moderate bitterness rounds out the flavour creating a full bodied easy drinking beer. Canada's Beer of the Year! Inspired by an Old Fashioned Whisky Cocktail, After Hours uses orange peel, cherries, house-made bitters, and single malt whisky for a craft beer take on a classic cocktail. New world hops elevate this easy drinking lager, giving it a light citrus note and making it the perfect summertime refresher. A new addition to the Red Racer Spirited Series and inspired by the Negroni cocktail, this cask uses our house-made vermouth, cocktail bitters and gin to take our Red IPA to another level.

Another addition to the Red Racer Spirited Series, this cask is inspired by the famous Dark and Stormy cocktail through the addition of Sparrow Aged Rum, ginger, and lime. A blonde ale, dry hopped with El Dorado. This beer is well rounded and smooth. The beauty of this beer is in its simplicity. Ripe with citrus and notes of pine, this easy drinker is ready to crush.

A milkshake IPA chock-full of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries back sweetened with lactose. Blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. The moon walking, helicopter co-piloting, cucumber eating internet sensation Mr. Bentley the Dog wants to help children in need. He partnered with Russell Brewing to create this refreshingly crisp Cucumber Sour.

A refreshing blonde ale, with nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and lactose, with cold brew coffee. Clean, light, and subtle. This balanced blonde is perfect for your hot sunny day on the golf course, or a backyard BBQ with friends.