How to fake a great smile - 150 seducing techniques from 150 guys

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Worthing Salon. Find a Dermalogica Professional Near You. Pay securely with. Women love powerful men who can make them feel weak and helpless penetrated!

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  • Nice Guys luminously emit lights of desperation. In getting a girl to have sex with you, it is essential that you must strike a disturbance in the equilibrium of power because you need a greater power advantage to lead the relationship to romance or else it is going to get stagnant, boring and eventually will drift and break — away into oblivion. Wars are not won by having a balance of power. Success is achieved by having more power than the opposing party. Do not get even, get everything. Why are women such heartless bitches with Nice Guys?

    I'm literally at the end of my wits when it comes to dealing with women. Whenever I do anything remotely gentlemanly i. For some reason, I always thought that people preferred being treated nicely I used to be such a Nice Guy to be around with, very courteous and helpful, but I guess chivalry is dead now a days. Now I have become a total asshole because of bitches like you. Oh, it's not just that. After staying awhile with the bad macho shitheads, they start complaining again about how they can't find any nice guys. Wake the fuck up!

    Why is it that women say one thing, and then make the complete opposite response?

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    These crazy mind games women play make us prefer spending our time with drugs, alcohol, and gambling. This is just way too damn frustrating. I'm getting so fucking sick and tired of women and their bullshit. Well, you want to know what WE don't need: cold, frigid, conservative shy, virgins.

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    They can all frig on each others pussy for all I care. I'm sick of how they think any guy who isn't Brad fucking Pitt is automatically a creepy sleazy man.

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    4. How to Arouse a Girl (Before You’re Even in the Bedroom)!
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    You know that lonely possibly old guy who was hitting on you? Yet, I suppose it is inherent in their genetic composition to torture Nice Guys.

    Statement from a woman: In my early teens, I would have as much fun intense emotional highs i. Then, I start to look for Nice-Guys that went to college even got his Masteral, had a well-paying career or business that I could settle down with. I began to control him by giving him sex as a reward to meet my every want, need, desire and wish. He then becomes a castrated stupid robotic zombie that I can just rub a few times and get what I want. This would help make up for the fact that I was not attracted to his boring lifestyle and still manage to get something out of the deal for myself.

    I then continue to misled him with wrong information and false assurance about how Nice it is to have a secure, sensitive and respectful subservient husband but then I would go cheat on him with another guy and continue to blame him for being a faggot. In the end, I would receive everything I want in life: marriage, babies, money and some hot new guy for sex.

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    My pathetic husband deserves it anyway for being so boring. At first he was terrified — yes! He thought something had possessed me. I fucked the shit out of him that night. And then he sighed and said "Oh that was nice". And he is my Husband. Finally, since he never gives me any surprises, I decided to surprise myself with a present for my birthday. Divorce papers as a birthday gift to myself.

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    Bye-bye sucker. Women are never loyal and never to be trusted. In fact, they cheat all the time, you just don't know about it. It is not because they are immature or that women lack character or anything like that. It just that, they have a biological imperative to cheat so as they can have the highest success to pass on their genes, which in this case is having a Bad Boy as a sperm donor and a Nice Guy as a security donor.

    It is an automatic biological function for the purpose of survival and replication. What I really get tired of hearing is that when women get older they become more attracted to nice guys. This is true only if she has gained lbs, has finally broken up with the Bad Boy, and has a couple of his kids whom she needs some loser Nice Guy to help support. Even then she will secretly always want him back. It happens to me constantly, and these chicks can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. It is not that Nice Guys finish last.

    It is that Nice Guys, when it comes to the woman's lust, do not win at all! The answer is of course, nothing!