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Hey anon! This is an interesting proposition.

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Lots of folks in the fandom were speculating heavily that he might be killed in the third film especially since he sacrifices himself for Hiccup in the book series. Some of us have been postulating that the film needed more of that development in order for the evacuation to feel more relevant, and for the drastic choice of leaving their dragons to feel more necessary in the context of the world. Once Hiccup begins to demonstrate his skill with dragons in the training ring, we see Snotlout actively trying to buddy up with Hiccup, not undermine him with insults and jeers:.

By giving Snotlout the honor of befriending this dragon, Hiccup is allowing Snotlout to win——for once, in a reputable, sincere way he can be proud of. True, Snotlout was a bully. He wanted approval and attention. He attacked Hiccup in order to raise himself up. And when Hiccup became skilled and popular, Snotlout allied with him in order to get close to where the wave of popularity flowed. But when Hiccup let him train Hookfang, it was more than just getting close to the popular kid: Snotlout had to put his trust in Hiccup for a moment, he had to actively show vulnerability to Hiccup.

The scene is the pinnacling contrast between where Hiccup and Snotlout have come in the course of the film——now Hiccup is the powerful individual, and Snoltout, the one afraid and undone. But again, this is Hiccup not lording it over Snotlout, like Snotlout has done in all his insults. Hiccup is instead offering a truce, an equality with Snotlout:. So when Hiccup is thought dead, Snotlout reacts with horror and shock and ultimately, when they find him to be alive, tears of joy.

And when Hiccup is made chief at the end, where Snotlout is as happy and thrilled to see Hiccup succeed——this is a direct parallel to his reaction when Hiccup fought the Red Death. So IMO the films are telling the same story as the series, that Snotlout the bully is actually sensitive and redeemable through the challenging but ultimately successful relationship with Hiccup, his adversary. To be frank, I am slightly confused by in terms of their choice of plot for Snotlout. I believe his insistence on closeness with Valka is a reaction partly to Stoick dying a year before, seeing how Stoick was a much more reasonable and sympathetic father figure to Snotlout than Spitelout ever was.

Knocking on Hiccup has been his go-to in the first film, and that weakness crops up again in the third film. Which is why a scenario where Snotlout instead dies at the end of Act 2 is actually really attractive. It would allow him to pour his long-seen bravado and ambition for greatness into something definite and concrete, a moment where all that growth leads up to. And it would definitely drive the threat home. Snotlout sacrificing himself could provide the personal stakes that make the threat feel real, and it would have been a good allusion to the sacrifice of the dragons that must occur later in the film.

However, I can see why DeBlois and Co. Additionally, we already have a major sacrifice moment in the third film, with Hiccup letting go of the Light Fury to save Toothless. That moment is important for the emotional heart of the film and having one similar with Snotlout would have been too close a beat in so short a time. A greater impact of the threat on the lives of any of the gang would make for higher stakes and a feeling that the impact of Grimmel is upon individuals other than Hiccup so thus we can surmise, the world.

From this. The core ideas being:. More time would presumably give that flow and sense of scale and danger. Budget, production green lighting, and carefulness to the script all seem to have been done. HTTYD 3 was given a longer production time than originally planned.

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They pushed back the date exactly so they could make their best product. Interviews with people like DeBlois and Spielberg who read several definitions of the script talk about how much the script was transformed and bettered through its drafts. They did enough tweaking and care to rework the script. This can be done by:.

How to Train Your Dragon: Befriending a Foe (DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon (Harperfestival))

I propose:. THW already has great content in there - Toothless and the Light Fury interacting, Hiccup crying when he realizes Toothless is fit in the Hidden World, Hiccup freaking out and Astrid comforting him when he feels a low, and Hiccup and Toothless parting ways touchingly at the end. We understand what both Toothless and Hiccup emotionally feel, and palatably sense how both love the other.

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And once we add in a greater sense of Grimmel being dangerous, and that more humans like him will continue to rise up, we can understand why Berk would release all their dragons. Feel free to propose a longer movie! For me, THW already has enough space to share its message.

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Maybe it needed to be a few minutes longer, but I suppose my own sense is that they had enough time to budget in this material, make a smooth-flowing movie with all the material they needed to present, and come away with an astounding storyline. But it is probably because I know for a fact that if Disney made the same narrative flaws, the internet would be having a field day picking it to pieces. At all. They were doing just fine stopping people who wanted to hurt the dragons. Unnecessary sexual dimorphism on full display. I found the ideia precious. What a delight.

I just love the initial banter between sasscup and badasstrid when they first meet in most fics. First of all, I want to say that if you like Grimmel, that is alright. Is an expert hunter who had hunt night furies to the point of extinction, and would do anything in his hands to finish them once and for all.

He is intelligent, he is cunning, he can easily outsmart our heroes…except he is neither of those things. I would like to criticize him as a character, but alas, my main issue is that he has so many plot conveniences I cannot see more than that, my apologies. Are you telling me one, ONE person and perhaps 6 dragons, not sure where he started using them eradicate an entire species of the planet?

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Another proof of how this is impossible is given from the movie itself: he cannot know for sure. If he can miss a target who is this obvious, are you telling me there are no night furies on places inhabited by humans? In the series, we had seen Toothless carry dragons and Hiccup in his back. The dangers of rats carry in the illness they can spread, apart from that?

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They are significantly smaller than us, not deadly to humans, life span significantly less than humans, the only upside is their quick reproduction. To carry the elimination, was needed a program of eradication, education to the public, the public compromising to combat rats, experts in the field, and so on. To eliminate something as simple as rats, was needed massive involving of the masses, multiple experts, a program to carry on; and yet there is still spotted rats from time to time, not to mention we are talking about a determinate zone, not the entire world.

And you are telling me that a human eliminated a race of intelligent dragons, with more abilities than superman? Remember the first movie? Grimmel killed a Night Fury when he was just a boy, and he is obviously older than Stoick, so there is no way he met him before he did it. Yeah right.

Grimmel is a Night Fury killer, an expert if you like, but not only the comment about them not surviving the cold is ridiculous, is also goes to other parts of his knowledge, or this case, lack of it. He has this cunning plan of introducing a Light Fury and get the Alpha distracted because…reasons, apparently? He appears, shoots the Light Fury a tranquilizer, then shoots Toothless, put them in the BDSM restraints, and then fly away in the draconcopter.

Which part of this, needed the distraction to function? Use Hiccup instead of the light fury, pum, there. How he learns this? Toothless went away with the light fury, going to the Hidden World. Imagine that Hiccup, instead of going for Toothless, goes for Ruffnut what would have been the most logical, since she was kidnapped and all, but that is another story what it would have happened?

They would have found each other in the air, no Toothless to be seen, and none of the characters with an idea where he could be.

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  • How to Train Your Dragon: Befriending a Foe (DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon (Harperfestival)).

Is because Hiccup goes for him, gets spotted for the rumblehorn remember, he wanted to go back without him before that , and Toothless takes him back at the right moment that Grimmel could encounter the night fury and the light fury. A bunch of accidents that had nothing to do with him or his plan.

But that is only a part of why he is so intelligent! There are other situations that show how capable he is…right? In his introduction, he gets down a rumblehorn in an instant…with a crossbow that shoots quicker than modern ones, and with apparently a tranquilizer who works instantly, despite the fact that tranquilizers take some time to make an effect.

Berk is overcrowded, and you are telling me just because is nighttime, nobody notices? Nobody to see six dragons that are not one of them walking around? And none of these dragons attacked the Death grippers when they started the fires? Remember that scene, when Grimmel is talking about why they are going to the West? Is to show how intelligent he is, outsmarting his prey…all of that is just a coincidence.

Hiccup goes West because he knows the Hidden world is West.

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And that is a big part of the problem is not that he is smarter, the movie goes out of his way to make him more cunning that he actually is. He is nothing more than a narcissist with a crossbow and some hypnotized dragons. How he transports? Who attacks Berk?