Resurrection from the Floods

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With the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Triune God has declared to everyone that death has been defeated and that eternal life is graciously given to each individual who places their faith in the risen Son of God.

Christ's victory over death changes everything for you. It means there is hope beyond death, life beyond the grave.

His resurrection means that God has overcome death and offers resurrection life to all who believe in Jesus Christ. Christ promises that if you put your faith in him, you will not stand under God's condemnation of sin and face eternal death, but you will be saved from God's punishment on sin and gain eternal life.

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Remember Me. Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston. The resurrection changes everything. Username Password Remember Me Forgot your password? Forgot your username? Or should I interpret these flooding events allegorically?

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Are they speaking about the floods of spiritual blessings for farmers and others as an Easter blessing from God? You'd have every reason to question my mental state if I interpreted the floods that way.

The same applies to another event from history floods are recent history — Jesus' resurrection ancient history. Am I being too emphatic with, 'we all'?

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This article is not about historical-critical methods some scholars use to deconstruct Jesus' passion-resurrection events. Scholars, journalists and laity have made some confronting attacks against evangelical or fundamentalist Christians who interpret the Bible literally. Are the challengers heading down the correct path or are the evangelicals so fixated on literal interpretation that they can't throw away the mantle of rigidity?

From primary school to university, I learned that the way to interpret any document was literally. Berkeley Mickelsen's text on Interpreting the Bible gave this understanding:. For example, when Christ declared that he was the door, the metaphorical meaning of "door" in that context would be obvious.

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Although metaphorical, this obvious meaning is included in the literal meaning" Mickelsen The Collins Dictionary Therefore, 'by literal meaning the writer refers to the usual or customary sense conveyed by words or expressions'. The contrasting meaning is that of figurative which means'the writer has in mind the representation of one concept in terms of another because the nature of the two things compared allows such an analogy to be drawn' Mickelsen Spencer Gear PhD is a retired counselling manager, independent researcher, Christian minister and freelance writer living in Brisbane Qld.

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