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The collection focuses on Fowler's service in the U. Navy Asiatic Fleet, the life and routine of enlisted sailors, and efforts to publish Fowler's letters. Franklin, , transferred to MS 1 Midshipman Franklin Buchanan kept this journal as part of his naval training. The Franklin ship-of-the-line was the flagship of the Mediterranean Squadron, cruising on station there until March The volume covers the period 23 August to 24 April City of Flint. The Raymond S. Gabler Papers span from to , with a bulk of the material ceasing in The papers are the product of Gabler's U.

Galena , commanded by Oliver Ambrose Batcheller. In addition to the watch, quarter, boat, and station bills, the volume includes a general description of the Galena , including its dimensions, as well as a list of her officers and crew complement. The final page of the volume indicates that it was inspected and approved by Oliver Ambrose Batcheller, and bears his signature.

Gallery span the years The collection consists of correspondence, publications of Rear Admiral Gallery and others, government documents, legal documents, photographs, drawings, audiovisual materials and certificates. The papers focus on Gallery's Navy experiences and career as a writer. General International Shipwreck Society: A Practical Treatise on the Means of Relief, MS The volume focuses on various means of aiding and rescuing men overboard and shipwrecked sailors, including the adaptation of offensive weapons for use in lifesaving.

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The volume includes descriptions of the lifeboats of George Palmer and Van Houten, Godde de Liancourt's life preserver, proposed improvements in signals, methods of resuscitation, and methods of treating common shipboard illnesses. The treatise is illustrated by drawings of equipment and their application, including grenades, mortars, ballistas, lifeboats, rafts, and signals. At the front of the volume is a collection of documents on the history of the society. Navy officer John H. The diaries are the product of Gibbons' travels through Europe and Asia in connection with her husband's assignment as commanding officer of U.

Charleston, flagship of the Asiatic Squadron. The diaries recount Gibbons' travels through Kronstadt, St.


Otto Giese Papers, , MS The Otto Giese Papers contain correspondence, speeches, audiotapes, artwork sketches, photographs, writings, scrapbooks, clippings, memorabilia, and other material documenting the private and public life of this mariner, who served as a German U-Boat officer during World War II. After the war, he obtained a master's license and started his own shipping line, which operated in the North Sea, the Baltic, the Caribbean, and the Far East. Robert C. Donald C.

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Gilley was an organist and choirmaster at the United States Naval Academy. The Donald C.

Gilley Papers span from until The papers document Gilley's career as a as a musician organist , choirmaster, and musical educator, with a focus on his tenure at the United States Naval Academy, as well as his earlier tenures at Earlham College, Butler University's Arthur Jordan Conservatory of Music, and Wesley United Methodist Church in Worcester, Massachusetts. James H. The James H. Irvin V.

Gillis Notebook kept on board the U. Constellation , , transferred to MS 4 No description available.

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Naval Academy's first professor of French. The Frank Goetz Photograph Album spans from to The album, composed entirely of black-and-white photographs, is the product of Goetz's service aboard U. Mississippi Battleship: BB , as well as Goetz's family life. Caspar Frederick Goodrich Papers, , MS The Casper Frederick Goodrich Papers consist of ephemera mostly invitations and some correspondence, the bulk of the documents dating from to Rear Admiral Goodrich was an graduate of the U.

He helped found the U. Naval Academy who helped found the U. The scrapbook consists of newspaper clippings, event programs, invitations, and other pieces of ephemera. Topical coverage of the scrapbook includes the work of F. Bennington memorial, the San Francisco earthquake, the founding of the Naval War College, the Egyptian Expedition of , general Navy administration, and various theater performances.

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The Gordon Scrapbook, spanning from to , consists of newspaper clippings, event programs, leave requests, and other documents from Gordon's time as a student at the Naval Academy. The materials in the scrapbook focus on Academy athletic events, Masqueraders performances, and Gordon's performance and leaves while at the Academy.

The Gosling Diary contains entries dating between September 26, and July 22, pertaining to Gosling's everyday shipboard life while serving as a cook and steward, possibly aboard U. The abstract includes sections entitled carronade exercise; mortar exercise; questions at the rocket boat; questions relative to sights; naval cutlass exercise; shew the guards; cutlass exercise; stick practices; musket exercise; field piece exercise; limbering up; dismounting field ordnance; maneuvers of a field battery of four guns; and wooden gun exercise.

Tucked into the volume is a brief chronology of LT John H. Marshall's U. Navy career. Richards was a surgeon in the U. Theodore W. Richards' Great White Fleet Scrapbook and its enclosures, span from until , with several documents from and The scrapbook details the itinerary, crew activities, ports of call, and local reactions to the arrival of the United States Atlantic Fleet commonly known as the Great White Fleet during its cruise of The enclosures include journal articles written by Richards on drowning and lighting aboard naval vessels.

Green was an Admiral in the United States Navy. Robert L. The Robert L. Grove Scrapbook spans from to The scrapbook, constructed from a edition of the Lucky Bag yearbook, focuses primarily on the midshipman summer practice cruise and June Week activities. Mason while the Guerriere was serving as flagship of the South Atlantic Station.

The volume also includes bills for boat crews. Harry F. Guggenheim was a noted philanthropist, newspaper publisher, mining magnate, and U. Naval aviator. The Guggenheim Letters, and their accompanying illuminated manuscript, span from to The letters pertain to the presentation of the illuminated manuscript to Guggenheim by the Royal Aeronautical Society, and the dedication of the Aero Club de France. The John Amos Guion Diaries span from until The diaries are the product of Guion's services as a U.

Navy Assistant Surgeon with the Brazil Squadron and the West Indies Squadron, and focus on the medical cases handled by Guion, as well as his readings in poetry and the history of western civilization. Haight's papers pertain to various aspects of his Naval Reserve career, including his application, education, training, assignments, duties, and evaluations.

The papers are the product of Haight's service at numerous naval hospitals, and consist of newsletters, correspondence, photographs, ephemera, and official United States Navy records.


Sterling Halstead was an officer in the United States Navy and an early naval aviator. The J. Sterling Halstead Papers span from to , with a majority of the documents dating from and The scrapbook is the product of Harlow's time as a Naval Academy midshipman and focuses on midshipman life, including Naval Academy athletics, hops, dating, hazing, Masqueraders' performances, alcohol, formations, and graduation.

The scrapbook also notes the suicide of Midshipman Charles D. Price, the death of Professor Philip R. Alger, and the death of Midshipman Julian Bishop. George E. Harmon was a surgeon in the United States Navy. The diary notes Harmon's daily routine, including his medical duties, social calls, and mentions of personal correspondence and finances.

The diary also notes events such as the arrival in Hoboken of the remains of the crew of U.