The Mysteries of the Red Goddess

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This has all gone into creating a truly unique result that is a interesting as it is listenable. Thorpe Marsh impulse response on track I by Richard Thomas.

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Using what can in some sense be described as musical necromancy the Legards have created a series of sound evocations that allow the listener to embark on a mythopoetic voyage beyond the waking world. It speaks of Balance himself and of his loss. It also evokes a rural unease and a true sense of nature at its most wild and unknowable.

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~ Phil Legard

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Overview A stunning new original graphic novel from the legendary creative team of writer Roy Thomas, artist Esteban Moroto and the incredible talent of Santi Casas - presented here as an oversized hardcover and featuring a spectacular use of black, white and RED! The very origins of Sonja are cleverly teased as the masterful Roy Thomas weaves a tale of intrigue, deception and the search for eternal youth.

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A respectable household is As the likely frontrunner for most prolific genre in gaming, adventure games that are solidly-built and enjoyable can often be hard for players to find. While it may not be a perfect creation, this tale of lost memories and ancient gods stands out against the multitude and creates something unique and interesting. Told in vague terms, the story is left mostly to unfold as players make their way through the world. Here, she will explore the depths of her memories and seek the truth of what befell her mother and father on that fateful day.

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Players will have to work hard to uncover the relics that unlock her true potential and reveal the mysteries of the past. Smooth, responsive controls help players navigate this gorgeous landscape, and the story breathes life into it. The combat system, while pretty simplistic, does have a twist to make it interesting, however.